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Take Time With Yourself To Dig Deep

This fall a small group of us are headed to hike a portion of El Camino Portuguese. We’ll start our adventure in Porto, Portugal and then venture out. Over the next 7 days, we will walk 124.8 kilometers (or 78 miles), and receive our Compostela when we arrive in Santiago de Compostela. Truly the journey and trip of a lifetime. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media so you can follow along on our Camino trip: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Though not all of you are able to join us on our journey on El Camino, I want to invite you to take a deeper look at your own journey.

Take a look at your career for instance:

Does it align with your current goals? How about your 3 year goals? Or 10?

What about your lifestyle? If your current career or job does not allow you the space to live your desired lifestyle, maybe it’s time for a change.

All of this starts with taking a deep look into yourself. It’s impossible to know where you want to go without identifying where you are starting. So, find a way to do just that.

Take time with yourself to dig deep into who you are and where you are versus where you want to be.

Some ideas on how to dig deep:

  • Go for long walks or hikes
  • Start actively journaling
  • Look into meditation (there are lots of guided meditation apps out there!)
  • Yoga
  • Self-development books
A colorful graphic shows the following linked together like parts of a chain: (1) know yourself, (2) explore the possibilities, (4) Plan a way forward and (4) Make it happen.

What other activities do you use to get in touch with yourself? I’d love to hear about it!

Once you’ve taken a deeper look into your journey so far, you can start making a plan to get where you want to go. Looking for help getting there? Let’s connect.

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Pilgrims walking on street sidewalk near the scallop shell, the iconic symbol of the Camino de Santiago or Way of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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