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What our clients are raving about ...

Chelle Johnson is passionate about connecting individuals to best opportunities, has significant experience in championing and leaning in to understand diversity initiatives and for decades has effectively served companies in attracting and retaining the brightest and most engaged colleagues from small entrepreneurs to the Fortune 50.

As a client of Chelle’s in two companies, I saw her be highly engaged in seeking to understand what characteristics and skills we needed and importantly - also provided sound advice around navigating change in workforce demands and market transformation with respect to colleagues. Chelle has a warm personality and a sense of humor that she brings to the most challenging of situations.
Christina Noble
Chief Growth Officer, Sonora Quest Labs & Board Chair of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Chelle is an incredibly talented Talent Acquisition strategist, and Recruitment Process Coach. Because of her strong relationship building style, she has built a deep and wide network of professionals that range from Technology, Engineering, healthcare and life sciences. She comes with an experienced and polished executive presence, empathy, and curiosity which allows her to make meaningful connections with employees across multiple levels within an organization. She understands TA from each side of the equation, which allows her to implement strategies that allow everyone to win.

I would highly recommend her for a Talent Acquisition role, Career Coach, Recruitment Consultant, and/or Executive Consultant. She has personally helped me in my career, and is an asset in many capacities.
Megan Jo Specht
Technical Recruiter, Samara
Chelle brings a no-nonsense yet inspirational feel to each and every conversation. A true example of someone who empties themself to be an active listener. I’d almost go as far as to classify her as a leadership whisperer where she can understand you more than sometimes you even understand yourself. While I’ve only known Chelle for a short time in my overall career, I can honestly say that anyone who works with Chelle will gain a tremendous amount of wisdom and perspective.

While I could go in great detail about the many services Chelle has provided either directly or indirectly whether that was in the field of recruiting, talent development, or executive coaching, Chelle will make a difference!

Thank you Chelle for being you!
Shawn Ingram
Vice President, McCauley Constructors, Inc.
Chelle has been a value-add to our organization and its need to quickly staff. She is attentive and responsive. Additionally, we value her professionalism with candidates and getting us the information we need to make an informed hiring decision. She goes beyond just helping us find qualified team members and also gives us recommendations on how we can be more attractive to candidates. We appreciate the work Chelle has done for us.
Jana Axline
Global President & Chief Project Officer, Project Genetics
Chelle is a strong business leader. She effectively collaborates with her clients to understand their business needs and works closely with them to ensure mutually satisfactory outcomes. She is well organized and demonstrates superior project management skills.
Peter Michaelson
EVP, HR, Vitalant
Chelle was one of the first people I reached out to when I started my LLC. I had been following her journey for quite some time through her speaking engagements, and I was always impressed with her networking skills and her involvement in the Denver HR community. Lucky for me, I had a chance to support Chelle briefly on a retained search she was working on. She goes deep to understand the needs of the client and their industry. Because of this and her deep network, she’s able to build quality pipelines quickly for hard-to-fill roles. I’d welcome the opportunity to partner with Chelle again!
Tanya Slovin
Talent Acquisition Leader & IC Recruiter
I’ve worked with Chelle on multiple occasions, and she is fantastic. She worked with one of my clients as a Recruitment Consultant, filled a critical Sales Operations Leader position in one month, and sourced, interviewed and hired for roles in Business Development, CSRs, and more. Her ability to quickly learn the business, roles, processes and people impressed me and my client. Chelle built a great relationship with the leaders, added high-level strategic talent expertise, and was applauded for her follow up and quick turnaround. My client was sad to lose her.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Chelle through Colorado Career Connectors, a non-profit she started that is invaluable to the Colorado community with its network of over 1,500 members. Chelle is a great networker and leader in our community!
Katie Ortman Doble
Vice President, Creative & General Staffing Operations, IQ Clarity, LLC
How lucky for me - I met Chelle at the Second Act Women’s Career Boot Camp in the summer of 2021. Right away she impressed.

Chelle is very savvy about the business world - and hidden career opportunities. This is evident in all that she does. She’s a leader. She inspires. She helps to guide lives. Sharing her decades of career coaching knowledge and corporate experiences - have clearly led to her success as a CEO & Founder of Best You Career Advantage & Colorado Career Connectors. She’s walked the path of starting her own business, networking and trusting her gut - making her perfectly positioned for success.

Chelle’s professional coaching helped me create a personal growth space - allowing unexpected (and amazing) opportunities to come into my world. With a clear vision and the removal of negative thoughts - I was ready and able to accept these new adventures - with confidence.

Connect with Chelle, you’ll be so very glad you did. I know I am.
Jennie Castor
Creative Visual Storyteller, Communicator & Leader
After attending a couple Colorado Career Connectors meetup’s, I knew I was in the right group. Chelle and Yvette were very welcoming and inclusive to all attendees. Colorado Career Connectors helped expand my network and also provided job search and interviewing knowledge.

I hired Chelle as a career coach, and she introduced me to the mental fitness change through Positive Intelligence (PQ). I had left a 30-year career to begin my second act in a human resources role but was lacking the needed tools to enter the challenging job market.

Chelle helped me with career clarity and build my confidence. Next week I will start my dream job with a 25% pay increase. I am grateful to Chelle for helping strengthen my PQ, her guidance, meeting some amazing people through her network, and reaching my career goals.
Gina Sisneros, SHRM-CP
Labor Relations Specialist - Legal, ASRC Federal
This past year I decided to take some sabbatical time off of working full-time for a transformation of my own making. Soon after, I was drawn to a SecondAct Women’s event where Chelle was listed as a speaker. Immediately, I related to her story of transformation and decided to participate in her 8-week Positive Intelligence program.

The benefits I derived while working with Chelle were amazingly unexpected and timely as I rested from my “high achieving” ways to better manage my health and emotional well-being. In the process, she has partnered and encouraged me to rediscover my authentic self and bring forward into this next season to maintain work-life balance. I am thankful to be adding new mental fitness tools to my toolbox that will help me improve relationships and pursue meaningful work.

I would highly recommend Chelle to anyone looking to transform their own story.
Kim Neinenger, MSOL, PMP
C12 Chair, Colorado Central/South, C12 Business Forums
I have had the pleasure of working with Chelle over the last couple of months, and I am thrilled to provide a glowing recommendation. Chelle is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled career coach who provided me with invaluable insight and direction in pursuing my dream job. With her help and the positive intelligence program she introduced, I was able to identify job opportunities that fit my skills and experience, create an exceptional resume and cover letter, and ultimately land my dream job with a significantly better salary and growth opportunities. Chelle was always available to answer my questions and provide expertise and advice. I am extremely thankful for Chelle's assistance and highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in their job search.
Dugyu Ari Yalaz, M.A.
Industry Partnership Lead for Continuing & Executive Education, Colorado School of Mines
I first engaged Chelle because my family and I were considering a move to Denver.

Chelle provided guidance on how to build and execute a networking strategy in a town where I knew very few people. She also provided key introductions to get the networking started including inviting me to DisruptHR Denver and making lots of introductions. Chelle also provided invaluable interview preparation. I didn’t end moving to Denver in 2022 because the job market took a downturn and I was blessed to land an excellent job in Phoenix. I believe all the networking and interview prep directly aided in my eventual securing this new opportunity.

Chelle and I also worked on my executive presence and we used the tools of Positive Intelligence (PQ) to reframe my outlook and response to stressors and opportunities in my professional and personal life. This reframing has really provided positive change in my life.

Chelle is a positive, realistic coach who helped me be the best me.
Brady Young, MBA
Senior Talent Executive Vice President, Talent, Plexus Worldwide
Lyle Shuey
Partner Engagement Manager - Direct Business, Portfolio BU at NI
When it was time to move on from a previous job, Chelle was an amazing career coach to have in my corner. Chelle set me up for success by pointing me in the right direction on how to succeed in my interviews. Not interviewing for over 15 years, left me rusty on what Talent Coordinators are looking for. Chelle helped restore my confidence I knew I had inside and reignited a flame to focus on what was needed to land a new position. Casting your net into the wide open job spaces can be daunting without some great coaching to get you to focus on what you need. I am grateful for all the sessions and knowledge Chelle shared to to help me reach my goals.
Andy Edwards
Technical Account Manager - Creative Cloud/Digital Media, Adobe