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Are You Ready For Your Own Journey?

400 miles of training.
32 total hours on a plane.
9 hotels.
115 km of walking
3 people.
1 Compostela.

The anticipation of returning to Spain after an 8 year hiatus was unreal.

My life had changed so much since the last trip, and now I had 2 other women going with me. How would things turn out? What would it be like?

Leaving my husband and daughters was not easy, but it was at a time when I seriously needed a break. I had been feeling overwhelmed, numb, and stressed. And, to be honest, so were they, as I was not my best.

The Camino gave us what we needed, even if it was some things we weren’t expecting or maybe even ready to hear.

Arriving in Porto, I was excited and tired. Yvette and I set out to explore the city and wait for Jenn as her flight was delayed. The first 2 days in Porto flew by. We had a tour of the city and got to see the beautiful architecture of historical Porto.

On day 3, we set out to begin our Camino in Tui, Spain. Tui is a quaint, medieval town on the border of Spain and Portugal, that we definitely want to return to due to its gorgeous plazas and churches!

This was a hard day. Yvette had eaten a francesinha and got horribly sick after walking 10 miles. A francesinha is a sauce-covered Portuguese sandwich made with bread, linguica (Portuguese sausage), ham, and steak or roast beef. It’s covered with melted cheese and topped with a fried egg before being drenched in a thick beer and tomato sauce. If that doesn’t sound filling enough, it’s typically served with a generous helping of fries.

We also passed through a pretty ugly industrial area this day with little for services.

Chelle's and Jenn's toes are pointing toward the Camino shell in the sidewalk.Day 4 was 14 miles and the view was great! There were lots of hills and it was hard. The concrete and hard pavement created blisters for some. We arrived at our hotel and experienced gross food, dirty rooms, and loud owners. This was the hardest day yet!.

Tired, hungry, and a bit sore we continued onto the “Camino Espiritual or Variante” – Spiritual or Alternative path. For the next 3 days, we encountered lovely towns, beaches, views and people provided excellent, yet surreal experiences. This is where we dug deep.

Sometimes we had a clear map.
Sometimes we got lost.
Sometimes we found the exact people, places or things we needed.

Sometimes we could not understand the locals, and they definitely could not understand us.

Sometimes we started walking in the dark, but could not see in front of us because the mist was so thick.
Sometimes the road ahead was bright, clear and plentiful.

Sometimes the itinerary was wrong, and we had to improvise.
Sometimes we got on each other’s nerves.
Sometimes we had bad stomachs and were sick.

Sometimes we were confronted by our actions.
Sometimes we got to dance on a ferry with smiling Europeans who were truly present and enjoying the moment.

All the time we kept going through sickness, bad tummies, pain, blisters, hunger, coldness, noise, misunderstandings, no sleep, frustration, etc. We worked through emotions and misunderstandings, listened and supported each other. We adjusted. Learned. Pivoted. Shared. Compromised. And lived.

Ultimately, we each had our own experience.

After 8 days, we arrived in Santiago de Compostela, celebrated, and Took. A. Break! We visited museums, landmarks, and ate a lot of yummy food. Oh yes, red wine was also on the menu.

Chelle, Jenn & Yvette are standing together in front of an ancient church in Porto, Portugal on a sunny summer day.One night, I decided to attend the Pilgrim’s mass and hear the message in Spanish. The main message I received after sitting in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was:

Every step I have taken is toward something, and the Universe will deliver especially when I receive the sign posts and messages that are sent to me and allow my soul to ascend. I also heard special messages for my kids and spouse, but those are private to us.

For my businesses, these words keep coming up, and so I. AM. LISTENING.


Now, the fun begins as I finish out 2022 and look forward to 2023.

I’d love to experience alignment together with you. Are you ready for your own Camino – Journey? Are you listening? Are you receiving messages from the Universe that you are ignoring? How are you going to let your soul Ascend?

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The large 3-dimentional Porto. sign; Chelle is sitting between the P and the O.

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