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Ageism is Real and Alive, Unfortunately.

It’s 2023, but age discrimination in the workplace is unfortunately still alive and well. Maybe you’ve felt it. Maybe you’re in the market for a new job and you’ve seen it?
You’re not imagining it.
  • 64% of people have reported ageism on the job.
  • 61.4% of 2020 new hires were under 39.
  • The older generation was the largest group unemployed during the pandemic.
  • 75% reported age as a career search disadvantage.
There are myths around seasoned workers that we all have to dispel.
Stereotypes and unconscious biases may include, but not be limited to: being less productive, wanting more time off, having less energy, being less tech-savvy, costing more, and the list goes on and on.
Here’s the truth! Age can be a superpower, and it’s beyond time for it to be recognized as one.
In reality, experienced professionals are five times less likely to leave their jobs, are natural born multi-taskers, tech natives, and highly adaptable.
So what can you do?
Invest in your continued growth and development. Stay up on trends in your field. Be a life-long learner.
Don’t hesitate to discuss your experience. You’ve worked hard over your career, so talk about it. Talk about your education and your successes.
Fight the technology stereotype. Take the time to learn newer technology while staying up to date on existing tech in your field.
Maintain your work ethic. Your work ethic and maturity are assets you bring to the workplace.
In interviews, focus on your skills instead of your years of experience. Discuss your proven track record of success by highlighting your skills, capabilities, solutions and problem-solving power instead of the years associated with them.
You have the skills that employers are looking for. You’re resilient. You know how to communicate effectively, problem solve, and you have an eagerness to continue to learn. Don’t let the myths around age stop you from getting everything you want in your career.
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